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About Miami Valley Draft Services

Shawn Richards is a certified Micromatic installer and former Co-Founder of Crafty Beer Guys. Working with several North Carolina breweries, and later distributors, Shawn learned the dedication brewers put into making a consistent quality product. Using that same philosophy, he helped create and educate a workforce to install and maintain quality draft systems. Their goal,” to ensure the beer tasted just as the brewer intended.”

After several years of custom draft installations and providing line cleaning services in over 3500 bars and restaurants throughout the southeast, he decided to return home to pursue his love for farming. Shawn has brought back his experience to the Miami Valley in 2016 starting both Miami Valley Draft Services and Hop Yard at Lock Sixteen, a three acre hop farm. His goal is to ensure that a quality pint is served in the Miami Valley through well designed and maintained draft systems and with locally grown ingredients.

 Several years later he realized there was a need to provide proprietors necessary information so they can make an educated decision when installing or maintaining their draft systems. Now anyone interested in how draft systems work or how to increase profitability of their own can visit Chaffee’s Brewhouse. Here we can show you our fully functional beer, wine, and liquor dispensing system. Appointments are recommended but feel free to stop in for a discussion over a pint anytime.

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Our Services

Draft Service Install

Elegantly installed and properly configured draft services will ensure proper flow rate and minimizes waste, saving your establishment money. 

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Draft System Maintenance

Faucets age, beer lines crack, fittings become loose and unreliable. Our reliable service team is available to maintain your commercial draft system. 

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What to Expect

  • Show Up 15min prior to the start time
  • Have all necessary equipment in truck for each customer visit
  • Follow Draft Beer System guidelines as laid out by the Brewers Association
  • Adjust draft system to allow for the “perfect pour” each and every time
  • Professionalism and honesty

Recent Projects

“Shawn has helped us out in many clutch situations. We can’t afford to have our taps down. He’s fast, dependable, and knows what he’s talking about.”

– Tim, 571 Grill and Draft House

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