Beer Line Cleaning

Clean those beer lines! 

Let’s face it. Line cleaning is one of the most time consuming, and least exciting tasks of running your bar. When you don’t clean your lines frequently enough, you’ll know it, and more importantly, your patrons will know it.

Within days of tapping a new keg, deposits begin to accumulate within the lines, and your dispensing faucets. 

Beer Nerd Factoid about Beer Stone

During the brewing process, calcium and oxalic acids or salts are combined and at cold temperatures, resulting in Calcium Oxalate deposits known as beer stone. Beer stone will build up and eventually flake off on the inside of the beer tubing if the system is not properly cleaned.

 Dispensing a lot of craft beers from small brewers? You may have noticed your beer lines are white or gray in color. That’s thanks to active yeast residue build-up. 

Are you seeing black or brown build-up within your lines or couplers? That’s usually mold and/or bacteria growth. If you beer smells or tastes musty or like a wet bandaid, it’s infected. 



At Miami Valley Draft Services, we take pride in our beer line cleaning service—we make your system always delivers a beer that tastes the way a brewer intended. To do this we follow the Brewers Associations guidelines to clean all of our lines. Our standard beer line cleaning services include:

  • 26 standard maintenance calls


  • Static caustic line cleaning

  • Brushing of faucets and couplers

  • Check general health of system and replace small hardware such as seals on faucets and couplers*


  • Acid maintenance in addition to the above cleaning

  • Disassemble and clean FOBS if present

*Monthly plans available with the use of higher concentration of chemicals

If you’re looking for a high-quality beer line cleaning service in Miami Valley, look no further. Contact us today at 937.668.3938 for a free site visit and consultation!

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