Draft Service Install

Professional Draft Service Design

For new establishments, the installation of a professional draft service can seem daunting. Everyone wants to focus on creating the right esthetic and feel for the bar and bar seating, but the real business occurs under, and behind the bar. From walk in coolers, to glycol chillers, gas and liquid manifolds and sometimes a half mile of hose lines that are required to get the beer from keg to faucet. 

From your local “dive bar” to 5-star Michelin-rated restaurants, the team at Miami Valley Draft Services is experienced in delivering, installing and maintaining your professional draft service system. 

Don’t take our word for it. Just check out some of our most recent installations across the country. 



We provide installation and support for the following:

  • Power Paks (Glycol System)
  • Beer Trunk Housings
  • Gas and Liquid Manifolds
  • Dispensing Towers
  • Beer Faucets
  • Empty Keg Detectors
  • IoT Dispensing Systems
  • Automatic Growler Fill Systems
  • Beer Pumps and Regulator
  • Nitrogen and Co2 Blenders (McDantim)
  • Modular Bar Systems
  • Self Contained Coolers
    and Refrigerators
  • Kegerators

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