Draft System Maintenance


Beer is made to be served cold. So coolers storing kegs of beer need to be kept right around 38 degrees Farenheit to ensure proper pour temperatures from each faucet. 
Refrigerators and chillers are notorious for breakdowns and leakage, and that creates unhappiness amongst both owner and patron. 


Are you experiencing heavy foam or unsually warm beer? Ask us about adding a glycol chiller to your system. It will ensure that perfect serving temperature each pour. 


The second most common issue with draft beer systems is the pressurization of the lines and use of CO2 or Nitro. Depending on the style of beers being served, your MVDS techincian will first calculate, and then dial-in the perfect serving pressure for your system. When you see too much or not enough foam, or you notice that the beer is exiting the faucet slower than normal, you probably have a faulty regulator or a leaking manifold. 


When you call a MVDS technican, we will walk you through some troubleshooting over the phone and then if necessary will arrive on site to repair or replace the faulty equipment. We will leak check hoses, manifolds, and faucets and then give you the A-OK to begin serving perfect pints once again. 


It’s pretty easy to tell when you have warm beer, or beer with an unusually foamy head. Your customers will complain right off if their pints aren’t right. 

Improper, or infrequent line cleaning is a sinister cause for drops in draft beer sales as customers notice off-tastes or a mustyness to their beer. Your patrons may not even complain right off as the beer may not be flat or appear to have a problem. They just will not buy another pint from you. 


Craft brew bar and restaurant owners know that their money comes on the second pint, so if your customers are having “only one” because it tastes like a rotten bandaid, that’s a problem. 

We provide both bi-weekly line cleaning, as well as quarterly “deep cleans” for your beer lines and faucets.  As for our process, we follow the guidance of the professionals at the Brewers Association, because we strive to ensure that your beer tastes exactly as the brewer intended it. 

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